Saturday, 1 January 2011

On the Painting Table: Skaven Rat Ogres, Clanrats & Weapon Teams

As part of the lead-up to Christmas I naughtily purchased the Skaven from the Island of Blood boxed set from my good friend Rob. A flurry of activity later and I'm completely rennovating my Skaven army!

I've painted a second Warlock Engineer (to expand on my low level magic) and two weapon teams.

In the past I've been very restricted by the number of men available to me and as such, my horde army has been a bit thin on the ground. Well no more! This little unit is my old unit of Clanrats with spears now doubled in size with the addition of half the rats from Island of Blood.

If that isn’t enough I’ve doubled the size of my Rat Ogre unit.

And there’s more to come. At present I’m working on twenty more Plague Monks. I’m going to buy a Plague Furnace thingy and have it pushed by forty Plague Monks! Just imagine the horror of that many unbreakable little zealots! Watch this space!

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