Tuesday, 4 January 2011


Empire (Tim) vs Skaven (Mike)
Desperate to break through the lands of New Sylvania to bolster the defence of Spike Hole, their capital city, the Skaven had already smashed through the strike force sent out to destroy them from the fortress city of Malko. But their victory had left them spent and unable to seize the initiative. The loathsome rat men were not quick enough to carry their momentum forward. Before they could move their forces closer to home the New Sylvanians brought in reinforcements for another attack. There was no way the Skaven were going to have free reign to travel through their land!
The terrain was almost identical to their last battlefield; the armies were also close to the same, but now more reinforcements had been funnelled in. Closer to the city, a larger body of infantry was available and Greatswords and Swordsmen joined the Empire battle line. However the Skaven had a larger body of troops as well; their own forces concentrating into a wedge to force their way through.
The New Sylvanians deployed as far away as they could, forming a gunline, but as before,  Skaven gutter runners closed in from an unexpected angle, throwing their left flank into disarray. The knights galloped forwards once again but instead of pounding through the Skaven lines as they had previously done they found themselves caught, the force of their charge blunted. More Skaven leapt into the fray, dragging the armoured men from their horses and in minutes the best hope of the men of New Sylvania was gone. And the battle was only just starting!

Three powerful wizards raised their hands to conjure magics but the winds of magic betrayed them. There simply wasn’t power enough in the air for them all to send out bolts of force! They floundered, unable to mount any credible defence.
Then the Skaven reached the Empire lines and all was lost if it hadn’t been before. Once again, foul grasping claws and knowing teeth raked into man-flesh. The men of New Sylvania were sent fleeing from the battlefield or else were exterminated piecemeal. They offered only limited and desperate defence before they were completely swept away.

Ultimately only a single sorceress remained, the bulk of the Skaven army bearing down on her. It was hopeless but she started to summon her eldritch magics, knowing she was doomed, using her will to send a message back to Malko to warn them that the ratmen were coming.

The rematch was over and once again, the diabolical Skaven had proven themselves the superior of their human adversaries.
Surely the men of New Sylvania were now doomed!

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