Thursday, 17 March 2011

Tactical Review: In the Charnel Wilds


I took the field with my new army.  I’d given them all names and was actually quite nervous on how the battle would unfold.  Would my hours of careful painting have been wasted.  In short no, and a resounding no at that. 

Although I lost my general (he didn’t even get to move) in the Tomb Kings first shooting phase my little army rocked.  A unit of 5 Chosen took out 22 Tomb King elite who had the killing blow special rule.  My Chaos Knights took out 4 chariots, my marauders and warriors made hay with two units of skeletons, even failing fear checks, and using great weapons they still did massive damage.  My cheeky war hounds even got in on the act killing the Tomb King’s general and second in command with relative ease. 

Things to improve would be to not bother giving a bound banner spell to my knights, I didn’t get to use it once.  What a waste of 45 points.  The rest of the army worked really well and I have another unit of chaos warriors still to paint.  Long live chaos…

The irony of writing a Tomb Kings tactica and getting myself thrashed so soundly when playing them twice in a row is not lost on me.
In my defence, I followed my tactica (based on ideas from the official army book tactica) as closely as possible. With a relatively small game (the strategic map movement determined that Mike would have 20% more points than me) from my angle, my choices for magic and combat characters was very limited so my magic (the lynchpin of the Tomb Kings) failed to get off the ground.
The biggest thing against me (and excuse I can make) was the terrible state of the Tomb King rules. In the old rules, Fear was amazingly good, restricting charges, forcing units to flee, etc. With its new restrictions, the points cost of a skeleton warrior is way over the top. I’m anticipating quite a drop in cost here in the upcoming army book unless other improvements are made.
I’ve actually decided to delay gaming with the Tomb Kings until the new army book comes out in early May. This is a tad annoying and my Spider Goblins are lined up to fight them and they’re almost ready to play with!
But what could I have done differently?
Honestly, I still don’t have the right answer on where to put the Hierophant. In or out of units is bad for various reasons and with the units charging away from them they ended up being left behind. I saw no gaping gaps in my tactics really. It’ll be interesting to see if I suddenly start getting wins when the update comes out…

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