Monday, 17 December 2012

On the Painting Table: Beastmen Giant and Bray Shaman!

Man, I am so close to having a reasonably sized playable Beastmen army and that's partially thanks to this dude!

Say hello to my Beastmen Giant!

I painted my original Beastmen Giant a year and a half ago and though I bought this guy on the same day it's taken me this long to get round to painting him. I actually lost him for a while!

He was another Papo toy originally but based up on a chariot base (this one made by sticking smaller bases together) and painted to match my Gors, he blends into the army quite well.

His upper torso is Khaki | Brown Ink | Khaki | Dheneb Stone. The armour is dull metal | black ink | dull metal | bright metal. The bronze bits are Warplock Bronze | Dwarf Bronze. The horns are khaki | bone | off-white.

But what about scale...

Well he's about right... for a giant.

He's a nice model with plenty of detail work

It's going to be interesting having two themed giants in-game.

Unfortunately I have several giants already and actually find the rules terribly dull. The quirkiness actually just irritates me.

Here he is next to my other Beastmen Giant. They make quite a nice pair.

I'm thinking of writing these up into my Tale of Years, not as mindless oafs but as strong and revered characters.

And here's my new Bray Shaman!

This guy was an easy conversion from a Beastman Gor with one of the more distinctive heads and a lance from the Chaos Knights frame.

It's just enough to make him stand out and with my other Bray Shaman (who is a bit better), complete the magical element of my army.


  1. Again, nice work. You seem to be including a lot of larger models into the tale and your forces. Have you run out of core? :) Great job though, and indeed the rules are a bit daff.. but it is your tale, modify them to reflect them properly!

    1. I am on a bit of a large model thing at the moment - though I have a lot of core models coming my way at Christmas and three new armies to build up from scratch for this campaign turn.

      Just wait until you see the large model I'm working on at the moment! It's truly amazing - a really good find!!!