Monday, 27 February 2012

Massacre of the Men of Stone

Wood Elves (Gill) vs Men of Stone (Tim) 

Deep within Bloodroot Forest, Felix Wulf led his Men of Stone to war.

Down an ancient track through the trees the towering lizards moved slowly, the most powerful of the strange otherworldly knights marching steadily with them. They did not speak or pause for rest, but marched continuously, never breaking stride, utterly composed and focused.

Felix Wulf signalled the Sorcerer coming on behind that he would streak ahead to scout the path and ensure their safety then he and the mighty tyrannosaur disappeared in the gloom of the close forest path.

No sooner was he out of sight and earshot when the foliage broke as a massive Wood Elf contingent broke cover on both sides of the lane and attacked in sudden and deadly ambush; not one, but two of the frightening Bloodwood Drakes in their ranks. 

Confounded by the sudden onslaught, the Men of Stone turned about to attack but the Wood Elves were too swift and far too bitter from their previous defeat. Warhawks swept in from hidden branches and slew one of the lumbering creatures as flurries of bowfire brought down the second. 

The Men of Stone Sorcerer tried to conjure fell magics of the Sky Gods but fickle chance fumbled his incantations and a terrible explosion was unleashed in his very midst, slaying his own warriors.

The massive Terminator knights charged into the fray but their armour meant nought to the mighty dragons and they were slaughtered by tooth and claw. As the warriors fell the Wood Elves closed in further, wiping out a scouting party as they tried to relieve their comrades.

 The Sorcerer fell, his armour split and filled now with dark blood and the Knights of Ebon Scar were cut down until only one remained. He fought on against impossible odds and then he too, finally was slain.

Immediately, the Wood Elves melted from sight and fifteen minutes later, when Felix Wulf returned, all he found were the corpses.

The entire contingent had been massacred.

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