Thursday, 9 February 2012

Tactical Review: Return to the Fields of Contagion


This was a good game, by my definition of a good game:

If you aren't sure who won unless you add up the victory points then it was close enough that both could have won. That way there's no depressing decline where you know you're going to lose.

Obviously the narrowness of the board (playing down the length with a river to boot) was restrictive but the trade off was the realism of the setting which made it worthwhile.

Strategically I took four things from this game:

1) Put the Casket of Souls in a building.

2) Always have large hordes of skeletons with Tomb Kings or Princes in each.

3) Don't forget the Tomb King curse (which took out my enemy general)

4) Don't bother charging a Hellcannon with crappy skeletal horsemen

All in all a nice time; and Mike and I didn't fall out once!


Well it was the closest of battles, with only a handful of points between the two armies. 

It was a difficult game to play as the board was so narrow, trying to funnel so many units through a small gap was tricky and perhaps I didn’t make the most of my elite units this game.  Although the chaos knights created merry hell with Tim’s horde of skeleton warriors I couldn’t get my chosen or ogres near battle and they ended up being decimated by the casket of souls.

One point to note for me in the future is that if I pay for a level 2 wizard then perhaps I should remember that in the battle and use two spells rather than one!!! STUPID BOY.

Apart from that amateur mistake I think everything else went as well as it could have.  I think when games are as close as this then neither player did anything wrong. 

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