Friday, 10 February 2012

Special Character: Bull Rogue

Once, not so many years ago, there was a man whose heart knew only wickedness.

Bear witness to his visage now, for the filth within him now matches that without.

Jordan d'Astatic, brother of Rachel and son of Gregoire, was a petty bully who loved to revel in his father's riches and hold debauched parties. He was ungrateful and disdainful of the gifts and lifestyle he attained as the heir to the lordship of Tempest Falls and demanded, in his impatience, for a castle of his own.

Bequeathed the fortress of Gaping Jaw, far down the Old Silk Road, beyond Malko and close to the Dwarf hold of Karak Hirn, Jordan's dissolution became complete as he and his cronies did nothing but live lives of decadence, allowing the lands about to fall into corruption without his defence.

When Tempest Falls came under attack from Orcs, Jordan refused to provide aid, and this betrayal led to the deaths of hundreds, including Rachel's husband and child.

Seething with rage, Rachel sent out a curse to her brother, fuelled by the insidious power of the Chaos Vein, buried deep beneath the earth, and transformed him and all his cohorts into filthy greenskins. His men became Orcs; his women became Goblins, and he himself was transformed into a towering and animalistic troll, almost every trace of his humanity obliterated as this new form overcame him.

And now, Jordan D'Astatic, renamed as the monstrous Bull Rogue, leads his Orcs and Goblins on devastating raids from Gaping Jaw, seeking only one thing: vengeance against all civilisation; and most of all, against Tempest Falls, far to the east; and against his yet surviving sister, Rachel.

Bull Rogue   

Points: 200 
Magic Resistance (2) 
Scaly Skin
Great Weapon

Light Armour

The miniature used for Bull Rogue is the Banelord model: Vortun, Troll Jarl. And isn't he just beautiful?! 

The colour scheme, using muted greens is actually much nicer, I now think, than the brighter greens of the Orcs following him. It makes me want to repaint them all to this grittier and more realistic level. 

Maybe one day... 

The full story behind Bull Rogue's background can be found with the great tale of Tempestria on the Bretonnians and Orcs page above. 

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  1. That has to be your best painted miniature ever! Seriously, the skin tone, the metal work... and then, of course, the vision of having him as the leader of those orcs. It really pays off to be open to get GW and non-GW models to forge your collection and turn it into a unique world. Well done!