Thursday, 20 December 2012

The Narrows

North of the land of New Sylvania within the Border Princes and even further north than the festering crack in existence, in Bloodroot Forest, lies a place called the Narrows.

There the trees fall back a little; crowded out of the way by sharp rocky outcroppings that rise from the earth. Here the dense clusters of rock form channels and paths between the trees making transit for large forces problematic.

An army brought to battle here risks terrible loss if they aren't able to use the terrain to their advantage to cut off and hem in their enemies. With rocks rising high, detachments can find themselves trapped and unable to manoeuvre freely as more agile forces circle to cut them off.

But the Narrows is not only dangerous for that, for it falls within the deadly domain of Chaos. The creeping corruption of the Chaos Vein that seeps through the rent at Pernicious Gate taints all it touches and here too rise giant blood-drenched skulls from the very ground.

The skulls moan and keen, calling all those who stray into this realm to descend into the blood pools from which they rise. Here, they whisper, will all answers be found and all troubles forgotten.

But only the foolhardy or the damned would dare answer their summons.

The Narrows is a place of dire peril for all who enter it but it is a crucial stepping stone for the Men of Stone in the north to reach, and seal forever, the Pernicious Gate.

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