Saturday, 29 December 2012

The Spike Hole Horror!

With the success of the Hell Pit Abominations  spreading through the under-empire of the Skaven, the bar was raised to produce some new killing fiend of even greater power.

But it wasn't Throt the Unclean and Clan Moulder who perfected this new beast. It was the warlock engineers of Spike Hole.

Bear witness to the Spike Hole Monstrosity!

The creature is every bit as deadly as the Hell Pit Abomination only moreso.

Far bigger and bulkier than the  Clan Moulder creation, this gargantuan monstrosity is capable of swallowing a man whole without even slowing.

Worse; it has another great gaping maw at the other end! Never before has such a disgusting horror been seen! Never before are something so deadly slithered and crawled from the festering depths of Spikehole.

The real horror however is how the fiendish creatures are produced. It is a lengthy and esoteric process prone to frequent failure as well as lethally powerful success that begins, hard though it is to believe, with the purest of substances.

For the beast you see here was once a human woman, a beautiful young lady no more than twenty years of age, spirited screaming into the night from the town of Malko by cackling Night Runners. 

At the beginning of the process, the human's head - the woman in this case - is detached, still alive and screaming, and affixed through surgery to the shoulders of the giant rat like a malformed hump. Using foul sorcery and unclean science, the head is kept alive and conscious; unable to die or even to fall unconscious; unable to control the actions of the filthy pox-ridden rat that crawls amongst the carrion and through the damp tunnels searching for prey.

For weeks, this human head is left to "season," going very quickly insane as it screams hoarsely for release of any kind; lying amongst the other rats and watching as they feast on mouldering human corpses of the head's own family.

Eventually, after several months of this agonised mental torture, the head is removed; now a gibbering maniac consumed by loathing and hatred.

While the head has been seasoning, the body of the human has undergone gruelling transformation, its essence spliced with that of other Skaven monstrosities until it has bloated and mutated unrecognisably.

The insane head is grafted back into the interior of this new bloated, worm-like beast to provide a dark soul and motive power. The creature has no eyes; only a twisted sense of smell and the need for rancid flesh. It is ruled only by hatred and when fully complete, goaded into battle and controlled (after a fashion) by the warpstone gems built into its armour plating.

It is  truly a horror beyond imagining.

Spikehole Horror

Points: 320 
Impact Hits (D6)
Large Target

+ from the Skaven Army Book:

Shambling Horror
Special Close Combat Attacks
Too Horrible to Die

Armour Save: 5+

This model is another toy from the McFarlane range: The Gemini. I've boosted the Toughness and Wounds a little and added an Armour Save and Hatred, then boosted the points to roughly match that.

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  1. Very very cool and frightening creation. Good ideas on it's rules too. Good stuff sir.