Friday, 7 December 2012

Massacre on Sunrise Plateau

Gill (Tempestrians) vs Tim (Ogres) 

And so it was that as dawn broke over the Sunrise Plateau in the Black Mountains, the full arrayed might of Tempestria assembled to make battle against the Ogres of the Kingdom of the Great Maw.

But standing against them were a multitude of monstrous creatures, towering Ogres and Yhetees and even a great sabre-toothed predator from the high peaks, trained to attack by one of their Hunters.

The Knights of Tempest Falls thundered into the Ogre assault, foiling their own explosive charges, their lances skewering fur and muscle even as they were hacked from their horse backs themselves. The Blessing of the Lady shone strong, protecting them but these towering leviathans seemed to feel no pain as they fought on.

The arrows of the Tempestrian archers filled the sky and the Ogres, with no armour to speak of, fell beneath the pointed rain. But still they bellowed and fought on, the Tyrant swinging his lackeys into position to eliminate his colourful enemies.

The Ogres routed or slew formation after formation of the valiant knights but Methuselah, "virtuous" leader of the Tempestrian forces were indefatigable. Every ogre who tried his blade was slain with no blood spilled from the powerful warrior.

The sabre tooth ignored the arrows slicing the air at it and devoured half a dozen archers, sending the rest to rout.

But from the tangled forest materialised the Golden Knight, ghostly defender of the dons of Bretonnia, no matter how distant, and, unable to harm him, the great beast fell to his sword.

All across the battlefield, the Ogres who had seemed at one point to be winning, were hacked apart by the remaining and most powerful warriors of Tempestria, but they were not yet finished.

From behind the Tempestrians own lines loped a massive howling Gorger, swinging the trunk of a tree. He pummelled the crew of a catapult and charged at the archers waiting behind.

But the Golden Knight was his undoing as well. Unable to hurt the enchanted warrior, the Gorger flailed impotently.

Of all the Ogre army he was the last to fall.

But fall he did.

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