Thursday, 27 December 2012

On the Painting Table: Korsythe von Carstein

Some years ago I made a half-hearted attempt to create some zombie pallbearers carrying the coffin from the Black Coach.

It was okay but the zombies were standing straight and it was a bit unimaginative. I toyed with rules for the vampire inside the coffin having ghostly attacks but soon afterwards gave up and just used it for colour in the unit.

Jump forward in time to the present day:

Meet Korsythe von Carstein, a special character who will play a pivotal part (when the time comes) in my Tale of Years. 

Once a powerful vampire lord living in Sylvania from the von Carstein line, Korsythe was slain by Marcus von Drak - my Empire lord. 

Refusing to be destroyed, the casket containing Korsythe's remains is now carried into battle by his zombie slaves and, able only to manifest in close proximity to his coffin, Korsythe fights again - now as an ethereal creature, more powerful than Marcus could possibly imagine.

(See what I did there?) 

These are Mantic zombies. If you want to know why I used them you obviously haven't ever seen a GW zombie.

The vampire is Dark Vlad, Human Hunter from Enigma Miniatures. It's a shame in a way to paint him as a ghost but needs must and this idea was too cool not to do. 

Korsythe von Carstein strides into battle in the midst of his zombie horde, a deadly opponent made all the deadlier by his rage. 

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