Monday, 6 December 2010

Great Lakes

So getting motivated to do my Valley of the Skulls I decided I also had to create lakes big enough to house the gigantic smoke-emitting skulls I haven't yet completed. However in the process I thought I might as well produce some smaller lakes and ponds (and repaint the one I'd made already).

The idea of the smaller ponds is so that they are small enough to look pretty and provide some tactical advantage but not big enough to cause too many traffic jams.

You can imagine a unit of archers deploying behind a pond to deter chargers or some skirmishers hiding from missile fire by lurking up to their noses in the shallows.

And they look pretty nice.

I decided in the end to go with a greenish tint rather than the traditional blue and I think I made the right choice. And they can double up as marshes if required!

The process of creation (if you're interested) was as follows:

  1. Cut a piece of stiff card into a pleasing shape.
  2. Mic up some powdered all-purpose filler.
  3. Make a little mound round the edge of each pond.
  4. When dry, spray black.
  5. Paint the water Catachan (dark) Green.
  6. Ink near to the edges with Badab Black ink.
  7. Feather this gently towards the middle, fading it slowly out.
  8. Higlight the middle of the pond outwards with Catachan Green again.
  9. Highlight from the middle (but not as far) with Knarloc (mid) Green.
  10. Highlight again with Camo (light) Green.
  11. All highlighting should be gentle and feathered, blending into the layer below.
  12. Varnish with yacht varnish

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