Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Massacre in the Northern Pass

Ogres (Tim) vs Tempestrians (Gill)
On the northern border of Tempest Falls, the war against the ogres was raging, but reinforcements were funnelling up from the capital and if the ogre front collapsed then the knights would sweep through their mountain realm, capturing ground freely and wiping them out.

And all of this was in line with the dark plan of Nagash and Methuselah, manipulating the pure-hearted knights to open up the route of the undead into the Empire.
The ogres were not about to relinquish their domain however. Waiting until the Tempestrians moved into one of the broad mountain passes, King Maw raised his mighty hammer and bellowed a challenge to all his warriors. A dozen knight heads from each of them and they’d dine on canned food that night!

The ogres charged, roaring in defiance at the elite warriors of the Tempestrians but the knights calmly manoeuvred their lance formations into positions and signalled the archers to take aim. They waited until the Ogres were in position and let rip. The arrows drilled Ogre flesh, bringing down half a dozen right away. The catapult flung massive boulders into the Ogre ranks, crushing a dozen more.
Then the knights charged, catching the depleted Ogres on thrusting lance-tips and impaling them. The Ogre Butcher tried to conjure magic to bolster their strength and toughness but a unit of questing knights hacked him into pieces with their great weapons as he struggled to form the garbled syllables of his spells.

In scant minutes the entire Ogre force wasn’t fleeing. It was utterly obliterated. And the knights of Tempest Falls were all but unhurt.
Half of the Ogre front line had been massacred; completely devastated, leaving the northeast part of their realm completely undefended. If the coming battle at Old Dwarf Bridge ended in the same way – and all indications said that it would – the Ogres were close to being finished.


  1. This is quite tragic, as I quite like the Ogres. That said, I want the Dwarfs to defeat them next and maybe take on the Tempestrians later on.

  2. Poor ogres. Your pictures are a bit fuzzy though, try a camera with a close-up zoom function and a stabilizer in the lens.

    1. Yeah. I have good and bad days with the camera!