Sunday, 12 December 2010

The Last Moves of Turn One!

At last, the final moves of the end-turn Strategic Movement Phase have been completed... with some surprises.

First the Tempestrians: three armies forging north to open the way for supplies from the Empire and wipe out the Ogres and four south, three to seal the doom of the Vampire Counts, applying furth pressure to that inflicted by the Skaven; and one to open the route down the Old Silk Road to Malko.

Now, finally, precious supplies can reach the beleaguered capital of New Sylvania, strengthening their armies. And also a message for Marcus von Drak, the Hero of the New Sylvanian people...

The Tempestrians had seen his lost Runefang, wielded by Rebecca, the Vampire Countess! Now, finally, he knew where it was.

Meanwhile, far to the northwest, the Dwarfen realms are being invaded by a new but ancient enemy: Wood Elves! But rather than act predictably, the Dwarfs have done the opposite. Instead of sending all their forces to meet the treat, they have left a goodly portion in Karak Hirn to defend its hallowed halls. And meanwhile, the eastern garrison have abandoned their fortifications and struck west, capturing Ogre territory and reopening Black Fire Pass.

Now two ways lie open to the Empire for men and supplies to be sent south. The way is open between Tempest Falls and New Sylvania as old allies reunite. And the Tempestrians look set to steamroll their way across the land to both north and south in their verve to fight for their glory and their honour.

Turn one is over. It is time for turn two!

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