Thursday, 16 December 2010

A Humble Retraction

I would like to retract the unkind comments I made regarding my good friend Mike’s sportsmanship during the battle report “Massacre in the Valley of the Skulls.”

He didn’t selfishly push forward toward anything. Nor was he viciously amoral or weak minded. Nor did he have a desperate and cowardly need for glory. His need for glory was very healthy and well-balanced.

He did have a voracious appetite to inflict suffering but it was directed at my ogres and not at me as a player.

I find Mike to be a kind and generous young man with a gentle heart and an unparalleled skill on the gaming board. He is also a snappy dresser and an excellent miniatures painter. Just look at the cloaks on these Chaos Warriors!

Once again, I’m sorry Mike. You’re a wonderful, wonderful man.

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