Monday, 6 December 2010

End of Turn One!

The first web-published campaign turn in the Last Chance War has now come to an end with some shocking results! This is how the map now looks.

  • The Barrow Kings and Tempestrians are doing best with large tracts of land claimed while weaker realms like the New Sylvanians and Chaos Daemons have only small holdings. 
  • Previous underdogs, the Skaven and Ogres have bitten back nad proven themselves surprisingly resilient.
  • The Vampire Counts have lost their capital and are now at risk of being wiped out but they hover close to the Skaven capital, ready to strike.
  • The Dwarfen realm is expanding in the north east, hammering the Orcs & Goblins against the anvil of the Barrow Kings.
  • The capricious Wood Elves control much of the north but must eliminate the chaos infection in the midst of Bloodroot Forest.
  • If the Tempestrians strike quickly then they may be able to snap up the lands controlled by the Vampire Counts, but to do so will leave their New Sylvanian allies at risk.
  • The Men of New Sylvania are in a very precarious position and must tread carefully lest they be exterminated.
So far the victories and losses have panned out like this:

As far as the different players are concerned, it looks like this:

(Although to be fair, Joao has only played one game)

The armies will soon move. I have already determined the order of movement:

  1. Orcs & Goblins
  2. Chaos
  3. New Sylvania
  4. Skaven
  5. Ogres
  6. Wood Elves
  7. Vampire Counts
  8. Barrow Kings
  9. Tempestrians
  10. Dwarfs

 This strategic movement will determine the match-ups for the coming campaign turn.

Let's see how it develops...

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