Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Ogre Kingdoms Sabre Tooth Tiger!

Continuing my exploration of doing cool things in my campaign because they're cool and not getting too hung up on rules and such, may I present The Great Khan!

Here he is next to his masters in the Kingdom of the Great Maw!

This beautiful Sabre-Toothed Tiger was originally a PAPO toy that I've based and repainted.

The paint job is quite subtle - a blend of cream, khaki and bleached bone.

He's too long for a chariot base so I made an extended one from foam board.

This happy chappy is going to be part of my Ogre Kingdoms army - brought down from the mountains to fight alongside them. I'll come up with some kind of justification someday if I get round to it.

Rules wise, I went through Storm of Magic and looked at all the monsters arrayed there to get an idea of what proxy rules I could use. I went in the end with the rules for the Chaos Spined Best thingy without Regeneration or the spike attack for 180 points.

I looked for a while at the Rhinox and Lions as comparison but this dude is probably twice their size. He's actually bulkier than a dragon - so I felt I was justified on the choice.

Let's see how he plays out. I'm using him in my final game of the campaign turn - hopefully later this week!


  1. Nice work, and a great addition to the Ogres. Any chance for a comparison shot with an Ogre? So off how large he is!

  2. *hrhr*
    Toys are sometimes a real cool supplement for the "real" miniatures. But I'm also curious how he scales to an Ogre.

    1. Well wonder no more!

      I've added a picture of him alongside some Ogres. He's a monstrous creature and bigger than a "realistic" smilodon but I'm happy with him.

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