Thursday, 24 November 2011

Spotlight On... Official Arcane Fulcrums: The Balewind Vortex & Storm of Magic Review

And here's the other one! 

Man, I had trouble with this. The stone effect was easy enough using the three shades of grey. The bronze effect was laborious and fiddly but straightforward (Tin Bitz | Dwarf Bronze).

The funnel was a nightmare.

First off I filled the gaps with all-purpose filler but didn't get it smoothed off perfectly. Then I started on a blue colour scheme that I just couldn't get to look right.

Eventually I switched to yellow, starting from scratch and suddenly it started to look better. I went Blazing Orange | Golden Yellow | Sunburst Yellow | White.

So I mentioned on my other Arcane Fulcrum post that I might mention my reservations about Storm of Magic...

In principle I think it's great. The background is cool; the book is very exciting; and I love the idea of GW releasing supplements again (the General's Compendium changed my life).

I also regarded the magic system as broken insomuch as there were nowhere near enough magic dice to go around which severely limited my army lists. Suddenly having double the number of magic dice seems like the ideal solution, however I, my friend Mike and my wife have all found that the extra dice and spells REALLY slows the game down. With so many more options the game seems to descend into a lot more umming and ahing.

Because wizards are so critical to stay on the fulcrums and win the game I found after a couple of games that I was very reluctant to risk the exciting high-powered spells anyway for fear of miscasting. Which goes against the point rather...

And the Arcane Fulcrum capturing seems a bit samey game to game. 

Having said all that, it is still early days and I needto play a lot more games with it. Once I've gone beyond the point where I'm more familiar with the spells and rules tweaks it should become more fluid and easy.

And I do love the ideas and imagery. 

We'll see. Perhaps I'll comment more after I've played again.

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