Saturday, 17 November 2012

The Ruins of Kalkor

There is a place, in the foothills of the Black Mountains, south of Karak Hirn and close to where the Old Silk Road passes over Lodestone River. It is a place that in ancient times housed sorcerous rituals that never should have been performed.

In few other places in the Old World does magic coalesce and flood as it does here, even now, centuries after it was last used as a place of dark sacrifice. It is said that there are those that still exist, ancient ones who never have and perhaps never will die, who remember Kalkor's original purpose. Who know why now it stands only as ruins.

Who will one day return to claim it.

But now it stands empty, shunned by beast and bird; by monster and by man; because of the unnatural chill there, the throbbing power that still flows through the stones of the ancient ruins. Those of sense know to stay well away and fools that stumble close are seldom seen again, at least in the same shape as once they wore.

The touch of sorcery is rank here, but some believe that it is a force that can be controlled; one that might grant unlimited power to those wilful enough to clasp it.The Dwarfs of Karak Hirn know this to be more than conjecture, for their shrouded history is touched by the damnation of this place. They know the danger of its power ever falling into fell hands and through long centuries they have guarded it from evildoers or arrogant do-gooders.

When eight hundred years gone gone by, Gerard d'Astatic founded Tempest Falls in the east with the help of the Dwarfs, he learned of the Ruins of Kalkor and requested leave to utilise the dark place's power against the malevolent creatures of the Border Princes.

He was refused by Dorak Grund himself, High King of the Karak Hirn, coming close to mortal combat over the issue; but Gerard backed down in the end and the ruins remained empty and guarded by the Dwarfs.

Safe from all evildoers. For now.

But one day soon, the time will come when tainted eyes fall upon the old stoneworks; when they realise its hidden strength and lust to make it their own.

Or worse; the day will come when the evil that built Kalkor returns to claim it. And surely that will spell the end of all days and the coming apocalypse.

Surely that day must be prevented at all costs.

In Game Effects:

The Ruins of Kalkor function as a single Arcane Fulcrum owned by the defending player. All supporting rules from Storm of Magic are used during the game.

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