Tuesday, 29 November 2011

On the Painting Table: Empire Great Cannons!

My friend Mike's Skaven have kicked my Empire ass several times in a row and it's got to stop! 

This requires some preplanning and army list devlopment. Here's part one of that.

My main difficulty here is with the Plague Furnace (and potentially Screaming Bell). Taking this out is priority one as it makes the huge Plague Monk unit accompanying it all but unstoppable.
 And cannons are the solution to any big problem. 
With luck I'll be able to take it out early on, delivering a blow my opponent can't recover from.

Whenever I do war machines I like to put them on a cirular base and make a little diorama out of them. This cannon was actually one I got cheaply from a stately home shop (an often invaluable source for castle-related toys).

You may recognise the two guys at the back as being old special Bretonnian characters. I can’t remember the names but they’re “inspired” by Little John and Friar Tuck.
The Robin Hood character that made up the three has long since been drafted into my Bretonnian archers as a champion.

I cunningly built my mortar so that the cannon could be swapped in as needed. I’ll experiment with this before deciding how to proceed long term.
It’ll be interesting to see if this development pays off. I love my Empire guys but they haven’t been racking up the wins AT ALL! Though I’m convinced they will do once I get my head round the army as a whole.
And apparently a new army book may not be far off if the rumours are to be believed!

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