Tuesday, 22 November 2011

On the Painting Table: A New Kind of Dragon

I bought this beauty off eBay ages ago and just painted him last night.

He's from the McFarlane dragon range and I got very excited when I first saw. BOY did I get excited.

Now it's kind of annoying. I orignally saw this model on a web article looking at alternate proxies for Beastmen monsters. The article suggested  this as a proxy for the Jabberslythe. 

I know it doesn't match the description that well but it was close enough for me and with a Beastmen game coming up I set to work.

Imagine the irony when (just as I was about finished) I got a call from my friend Joao to tell me that GW were soon to release an offical Jabberslythe.

Man, I was both happy and annoyed at the same time!

Anyway, I painted him Dark Flesh and Red Gore with Scorched Brown | Light Brown wings. The bony ridge is my usual Graveyard Earth | Kommando Khaki | Bleached Bone combo.

He has a stalk base. The orignal came with a neat little rocky pool scenic base which was too big for a GW base. I got rid of that and sank the stand into some filler and rocks. Then I cleverly disguised it with some lichen.

The question now is:

What the hell do I use him as!?!?! 

Maybe another Bloodwood Drake...?

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