Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Alternative Arcane Fulcrums

When Storm of Magic came out, I was very excited. My wife took me on a walk in the country and I had my Storm of Magic rulebook with me. When we stopped for a romantic rest on a bench overlooking the sea, out it came! 

Heh heh. 

But I couldn't initially stretch to the price of the Arcane Fulcrums. Added to the price of the rulebook it was a little too much of a squeeze for my bank account. So my mind started working on what scenery pieces I already owned that I could use instead!

And here we go! 

First up is the old Games Workshop gravyard. With a new paint job, this is one of the nicest scenery pieces ever, though is fairly hard to get hold of nowadays. It's a bit on the big side for an Arcane Fulcrum but what the heck! It does the job!

Now this is a lovely piece I found at a car boot sale years ago. The throne on top is a separate piece I got as a present. Now I didn't use this for a long time as it had a big hole at the back, but then I had the inspiration of adding bushes and trees to cover that up.

Hey presto!

Colonel Shofer kindly commented below that this piece came from the boardgame: Dark World. I checked this out and to my delight saw that this is actually the upper layer of a bigger piece. Check it out.

The throne is from Warzone.


This piece was homemade, one of the first things I ever built almost twelve years ago now. I made it as a Mordheim scenery piece but rarely used it, packing it away in the shed. But actually it makes a darn good Arcane Fulcrum and is the right size!

it's just blocks of wood glued together into a spiral. They were just all bits I had lying around. The pillars are actually the corner brackets from an old wooden fruit box.

And finally... 

That old classic: the Arcane Ruins! There must be many a poor player out there using these to sub for Arcane Fulcrums and who can blame them? It's a lovely compact piece.

Just look out for giant spiders!!!!!


  1. Cool! Some of those pieces are definitely Storm of Magic on a budget! I love the graveyard and the arcane ruins too. They're super versatile.


  2. I know what the bits are in the second one ;)


  3. Hey Colonel, Let me know what that throne piece is so I can stick it on the blog!

  4. Certainly.

    The main base (as I think you know) ...

    The Throne ...

    Cheers :)