Friday, 18 November 2011

On The Painting Table... Witchfate Tor, Tower of Sorcery!

Continuing my break from comic drawing, I went for another quick win last night and painted up my already sprayed Witchfate Tor!

When I paint scenery I do it in stages. My initial pass gets it looking good and playable in minimum time. Months or years later I go back to it and add another layer of detail.

If I can be bothered.

I must say, considering I was doing it as fast and detail-less as I could, this came out looking a lot nicer than I expected.

I wanted to go for a white colour scheme (which I hadn't; as yet; seen elsewhere) but to make it more naturalistic and interesting I blended it from dark grey bottom to top.

Same deal on the Weathertop piece I did yesterday, this is going to be used as a specific location in my Warhammer map campaign, but in the meantime I'll use it in Necropolis, possibly as an evil tower that moves around, disgorging nefarious foes.

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  1. Very good job, I really like the yellowish tints. Great effect!