Sunday, 22 January 2012

Massacre on the Lonely Approaches

Tim (Spider Goblins) vs Gill (Tomb Kings) 

Only five miles now from Barak Varr, and the host of the Spider Goblins had swept all resistance from their path, winning every battle bar one and now within sight of the towers of the ancient Dwarfen stronghold, now in the hands of the Tomb Kings. 

Horde after horde of loathsome spiders crawled over the moorland, cresting the final peak of the Hills of Valenka where the aged Dwarfen  rune stones stood, the Tomb Kings were fighting a withdrawing battle, mustering their forces closer to home for a final last-ditch defence, but the dregs of the previous slaughters were still battle-worn and in no fit state to attack, even in desperate defence.

Only a single host of skeletal warriors stood ready to prevent the breakthrough of the Chittering Horde and it would be not nearly enough.

The Goblin King, with eternal hatred in his heart, roared a challenge and charged forward and battle was begun.

Conjuring a whirling maelstrom of eldritch power, the tiny Night Goblin Shaman pushed it into the midst of the Tomb King forces, blocking off their advance down an entire flank as the bony steeds stamped the ground, unsure whether to proceed.

And as that flank pontificated, the huge Arachnarok Spider slammed into the serried ranks of the Tomb Kings, even as the Spider King and his giant spiders scuttled alongside. They planned to take out the Tomb Queen atop her Undead Rhinoceros with a sharp strike of the mallet but the surge of undead warriors that came back at them, quickly overwhelmed even these mighty beasts.

 But it wasn't enough. From the east came the throngs of spiders, led by the Goblin King; and as the Skeletal warriors hacked on the corpse of the Arachnarok, they left their rear exposed. The Goblin King took full advantage of this, pushing his spidery hordes into the remaining forces on that flank.

They destroyed a Screaming Skull Catapult, the deathly Hierophant, a Casket of Souls and then finally pummelled the bones of the Skeleton Warriors. The Goblin King himself slew the Tomb Queen with his Dwarf-forged axe Killa Killa.

All the Lonely Approaches were covered in creeping and crawling spiders as nothing now stood between them and Barak Varr, ancient hold of the Dwarfs and capital now of the Tomb King armies.

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