Monday, 9 January 2012

Places of Death

So I took out my older GW graveyard to see how it looked next to my new Garden of Morr. And it didn’t look that great side by side because there are such different styles.

However! I started to experiment a little and discovered that a bit of crossover between kits creates some new and interesting possibilities.

The mausoleums from the Garden of Morr actually fit onto the older graveyard by slotting on top of existing sarcophagi! 

This helps to blend the two so that they look better together. 

And perhaps more excitingly, you can get the GW chapel and put it into the Garden of Morr walls!

This creates a little chapel with a graveyard and a walled plot and I think looks ruddy nice! It’s certainly a different and interesting way to set it out…


  1. Thanks for posting these combos up. People don't get credit for doing this type of legwork for others. Letting people know combos on things they don't own yet supports decisions to buy when they otherwise would risk it sight-unseen. So, thanks man!

    These do go well together. I'll be getting the Garden of Morr for my Strange Aeons games and using the very same foam graveyard of old with it.

    Thanks again!

    1. My pleasure.

      Strange Aeons... Is that the Lovecraftian horror miniatures game I've seen online?