Sunday, 29 January 2012

On the Painting Table: Chaos Dwarf Sorcerer Prophet on Great Taurus

There is so much to be thankful to the Quar for in this life; and this beauty is one of them.

It's the Scibor Moscul General on War Bull model but I'm obviously using it in lieu of the Warhammer Forge Sorcerer Prophet on Bale Taurus.

Ironically, after wanting it for so long, I found this model surprisingly stressful to paint. It was just SO good! And I was afraid of screwing it up! I've had it since Christmas and it's taken me this long to complete.

Though I painted the base very quickly.

I went with grey stone initially, but because I wanted my bull to be black I repainted it in browns to provide a contrast. Unlike my latter day skulls I highlighted the skulls all the way up to Skull White.

It was the internal magma that really messed with me. All the other pictures of these guys (and the Warhammer Forge one) don't have magma. They use the broken flesh (probably as Scibor intended) as just that: broken flesh and wounds.

Trying to keep closer to the Chaos Dwarf imagery, I tried three or four different methods and just couldn't get it right. But in the end, the ubiquitous Joao saved me by pointing me to an old White Dwarf article from the Last Beastman release where there was a guide for just this.

 Here's how to do it:

Scab Red | Scab Red & Blazing Orange | Blazing Orange | Blazing Orange & Bleached Bone | Bleached Bone.

Each of these layers form progressively smaller highlights. 

Now I never normally mix colours (because it's so hard to recreate it later if need-be) but for such a small project I'm glad I did.

The other thing that stumped me was the colour of the bull. Like I said, I started on black with just a subtle grey highlight but it was too bland. In the end, inspired by this picture, I went for a two tone, much lighter effect.

With the new Chaos Dwarf army list in the Warhammer Forge Throne of Chaos Book, you can't have a close combat Lord on a Bale Taurus anymore. I was a little disappointed at first but quickly changed my mind as it's kind of cool having a Sorcerer Prophet instead!

This guy was painted with: Dwarf Bronze | Flesh Wash | Dwarf Bronze | Shining Gold | Burnished Gold.

With my Sorcerer Prophet complete, I am edging very close to having a finished Chaos Dwarf army ( a very exciting thing). It shouldn't be more than a few days now, maybe a week.

And then finally, the Chaos Dwarfs will march to war as they were always meant to!

As a motley collection of official and unofficial models, and repainted toys!


  1. Bravo sir! As a fellow chaos dwarf fan, I am loving your army progression. This is quite the blog you have here.

  2. i agree with mr. saturday. Great work on your models and this blog. Thanks for the heads up to where this model is from. As a long time dwarf player and closet chaos dwarf, I am in love with some of the scibor miniatures.

    1. Thank you! I'm releived people have noticed this model. For a long time after I posted it hardly anyonone looked at this post but I think this is one of the most beautiful miniatures ever made!

  3. Great work!!! Can you tell me please how you painted the skin of the bale taurus?