Saturday, 21 January 2012

Fell Things in the Watchtower of Filigree Plain

Never before, within the Border Princes, had such a horde of Ogres been arrayed, stretching out across Filigree Plain.

The Beasts and the Dwarfs of Chaos had insulted them on this land and now stood in mockery, leering from the tower top of the Watchtower at the Ogre's defeat.

King Maw bared his teeth and growled. This insult would not go unpunished. He would have Filigree Plain and he would have that watchtower if it was the last thing he did!

He let cry the signal for battle and all his monstrous infantry charged forward into battle, the Ironguts speeding in toward the Watchtower itself, nestled as it was against the wood hillside on the edge of the plain. They battered down the door but the Chaos Dwarfs inside fought in the opening and windows, batting them off. Nevertheless, the Ironguts killed far more of the Dwarfs than the Dwarfs killed of them.

But rather than fleeing, the Dwarfs still held! And before the Ironguts could attack again, a great and powerful Gorgon ripped through the undergrowth and battled the Ironguts, preventing them from continuing the fight.Behind it came a whirling spawn of chaos, all blades and hooves and grasping mouths.

The rest of the Ogre force swept across the plain, starting to close the arc toward the watchtower, but more of the fell creatures of Chaos came over the rise and ran toward them on hooves or stunted legs. And in their midst strode a gargantuan behemoth of metal smoke and flame: a K'Daai Destroyer, the ultimate expression of the malice and power of the Chaos Dwarfs: a gigantic metal statue come to life by sinister ritual.

The Leadbelchers let forth a tremendous volley of cannon fire but did little to harm it and King Maw realised there only hope was not to kill it but to draw it away from the Watchtower, long enough for them to take control of it.

Sending his Hunter and Sabretusks, his Maneaters and Gnoblars, King Maw's forces swamped and lured the Destroyer further and further away from the watchtower, hoping that in that, the battle might be won.

Meanwhile, with all the brutality within their monstrous frames, the Ogres battled against the Beastmen Gors, the Doombull and Leonine Giant, their numbers faltering but not breaking. King Maw himself strode to the aid of the Ironguts, as did his Slaughtermaster, and then finally the Gorgon fell, and with it, the Spawn.

At that moment, if they had renewed the fight against the Chaos Dwarfs in the tower they might yet have won, but they stood back long enough for the Leadbelchers to let fire at the tower. The ancient stone was too strong for the cannonballs though and the Dwarf armour within withstood much of the rest that got through.

The Ironguts charged in again but though they slew many Dwarfs, it wasn't enough and they were running out of time.

With the K'Daai Destroyer closing in on them, all they could do now was withdraw and plan anew.

Plan anew to take back Filigree Plain from the fell things of the forest.

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