Saturday, 14 January 2012

Clash in the Fields of Contagion

Tomb Kings (Tim) vs Orcs (Gill)

In the far south west of the Devil's Pathway, north of the ruined city of Fell Glen on the edge of the Black Gulf, lay a place of death. Here, the plague-riddled cadavers of the dying city had been borne by boat down the River Trebleca and planted such that their contagion couldn't spread to the living.

At least until the doomed city folk had been too poxed and afflicted to do it.

Now, almost one hundred years later, these Fields of Contagion lay on the edge of the realm of the Undead Nation, every league of land to the south and west a shunned and desolate wasteland. And the Tomb Kings were at war!

Poised in the corner of one of the many cemeteries laid out for the richer denizens of Fell Glen, those who hadn't been thrown into sprawling mass graves, the Orc Warlord roared, thrusting his axe forward, and kicked his Wyvern in its flanks to raise it clumsily into the air. And all around him, his arrayed army charged forward across the Fields of Contagion, determined to take it from the dead.

But the Tomb Princess commanding the undead legions only smiled, holding her own forces in place as her grand hierophant strode forward and raised his withered arms. The ancient priest whispered Sakkmet's Incantation of the Skullstorm and abruptly a huge whirlwind of screaming skulls formed from the packed dirt and lurched toward the onrushing horde.

 The Orcs were crazed for battle, their nostrils enflamed on the still putrid air. They sped on, uncaring of the danger floating towards them. And before the deadly storm of skulls could reach them its power faltered and it faded away.

Hungering for glory, the Orc Warlord crashed his Wyvern down to the earth before his undying foes, but shunting suddenly from the cadaverous stillness, the warriors of the Tomb Kings surrounded him, led by the Tomb Princess on her mighty Undead Rhinoceros.

First the Wyvern and then the Warlord himself were eviscerated and slaughtered.

The rest of the horde packed in behind it as the undead reformed to meet them, but the skinless creatures felt no pain. They could be destroyed but they would never flee and in short order, they cut down their enemies.

The Orc shamans let loose powerful magics, bringing down both Liche Priests, whose magics empowered the skeletal legions, but this wasn't enough to end the battle. The Tomb Princess was felled, but even that was not enough to stay the deadly defence of this unholy region.

And soon, only a scattering of Orcs remained, confused and faltering as the warriors of the Tomb Kings cut into them and strode over their corpses.

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