Thursday, 15 November 2012

Massacre on the Plains Near Spikehole

Tim (Skaven) vs Gill (Tomb Kings) 

In a time of war, sometimes the most unusual of allies can be found.

The unbridled power of the Undead Nation was surging north toward the Empire and already the foul verminous ratmen had been the most pivotal race to stay their advance: taking and holding the vampire staging post of Fortress Malefic and hurling back the zombie hordes on the plains near Spikehole, their own bastion.

But the Undying ones did not forgive and would never EVER forget. Already they had expelled the Skaven from Fortress Malefic and now they surged north once more, endless ranks of clattering, staring skeletons.

Once more they had come to the plains near Spikehole and once more the armies of the Skaven scuttled out of the depths to meet them, this time rallying round the greatest and most ostentatious Screaming Bell the Old World had ever seen, truly an alter to the Horned Rat!

Dozens of reeking Plague Monks charged forward, rabid and frenzied, Censer Bearers running beside them and crackling and bouncing at the flank ran a hypercharged Doomwheel, fresh from the forge and spitting lightning.

But in the foliage at the edge of the marshy plane, the Tomb Kings had hidden a Casket of Souls! As its lid rose the air was filled with the vengeful spirits of the long dead but a whispered phrase from the Skaven Grey Seer and the land clanked down shut, just as howling Gutter Runners leapt out of the bushes and hacked the casket master and his guards apart.

The two mighty armies crashed into one another but as the myriad screaming bells tolled the Skaven close by became frenzied. Bolstered further by the sorcery of the Grey Seer they hacked and hacked and bit and gouged as Frostclaw, the Skaven general, beheaded the Tomb King commander.

Ushabti were felled by ravening Rat Ogres, a horde of no less than sixty giant rats fell upon the Screaming Skull catapult, picking the bones it was made from clean and the Plague Monks smashed skeleton after skeleton to bits.

Inspired by the Screaming Bell, the Clanrats refused to break and as the battle went on it was only a matter of time before they could be victorious.

Finally only a handful of undead warriors fought on, surrounded and doomed.

The revenge of the undead had spluttered and died resulting in an overwhelming massacre.

It did not bode well for the Undead Nation as now the lands they'd already won lay undefended.

Now was not the time of the Tomb Kings. It was the time of the rat!

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