Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Spotlight On: Soulgrinders in Warhammer!

Well it was a happy day for Fantasy fans when the rules came out for Soul Grinders in Warhammer.

I had this pair painted up already and have rolled them out for the game of Fantasy Battles.

The bodies were painted all the reds plus a highlight of orange.

I actually resculpted this one slightly to give him a different pose. It's quite subtle though.

I cut new bases from foamboard the same size as the Arachnarok Spider one. The sideways base reduces the flank size but broadens the frontage - not necessarily a good thing.

And I have to say these guys have been getting their asses kicked in the game I'm playing. It isn't their fault. They just had some bad luck.

The best thing about these guys in-game is their high toughness and their ability to autohit one model if they fail an Initiative test - great against big monsters if it pans out.

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