Saturday, 24 November 2012

Warhammer Samurai!

Well it isn't an official GW model but take a look at the first miniature in my new Nippon army!


 This dude was from Wargames Factory and this far in I've been very impressed by their ease of construction.

As with a lot of miniatures the place where the sprue connects to the figure can sometimes be irritating. With this guy it was a big connection on the katana that needed VERY careful filing.

I am exceptionally pleased with starting this project.  I'm using the amazing army book published on this site for my basis (though I'm inventing my own Nippon history).

I have plans for pikemen, archers, riflemen, an oriental dragon, a phoenix a water elemental and some Oni (Big red daemon ogres).

With Christmas coming up (and a new campaign turn about to start in the Last Chance War), I should have a good opportunity to insert the Nippon race into the action coming in from the east. 

Here's hoping that the other poses look as good as this one...

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