Monday, 12 November 2012

Battle for the Narrows

Tim (Daemons of Chaos) vs Gill (Men of Stone) 

Deep in the Blood Wood, there is a place where the trees twine and thrust around dense and close-set rock formations - the perfect place for an ambush, and it was here the mighty knights of the Men of Stone set one.

Exactly as their whispering scouts had told the knightly lords, the burgeoning and chittering forces of the Daemons of the Pernicious Gate were flowing northward here in this cramped location.

The Men of Stone were ready.

Ranked in efficient gun lines they let fire at the striding behemoths, bringing down a Soul Grinder and a greater daemon before the soulless creatures even knew they were lying in wait. A shoal of Screamers fell next under a fusillade of mystical fire spat from the strange weapons the Knights of Ebon Scar carried.

Reacting quickly, the Horrors and Flamers fled east, concentrating their forces on the left flank of the Men of Stone.

But it wasn't going to save them.

The mighty dinosaurs that the Men of Stone's enchantments had coerced crashed into the oncoming Daemonic horde, crushing the second Soul Grinder, even as its death throes tore the beating heart from the Triceratops.

Then Bloodletters led by the indefatigable fiend Skulltaker sprinted int from the east, slaying first the Mammoth, then the Knights waiting beyond. And then the general and his bodyguard waiting beyond them!

They took casualties but they kept on coming, even though all had seemed lost.

Meanwhile, fully half of the mystically armoured  warriors were trapped between the narrow rock formations, struggling to redeploy into a useful position. And as they struggled they were picked off by searing flame and sorcery, hurled at them from lurking Horrors and Flamers of the dark god Tzeentch.

Where once an army had stood, smugly tearing down the daemonic advance, now, only a few Knights of Ebon Scar remained.

The daemons were unstoppable!

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