Friday, 16 November 2012

Precision in Death: The Tale of a Massacre

Tim (Dwarfs) vs Gill (Orcs & Goblins) 

The horde came from Gaping Jaw with only murder in mind: huge blocks of bellowing Orcs and giggling goblins; clattering chariots and baying wolves; a towering giant wielding the axle from a smashed cart.

But the Dwarfs of Horn Hold were more than ready for them.

Orchestrated by their lord, Durak Grund, the mighty stunters stood wait in a perfect gun line, waiting for the greenskins to close within range, cannons and handguns loaded and ready. They were presighted and poised and the second that the Orcs past the marker bushes that represented the entry to the killing field the Dwarfs opened fire.

Into the sheet of gunfire and cannon ball, the Orcs & Goblins kept running, crying in rage and blood lust, but they were being picked off one by one by one by one until first dozens and then hundreds were falling in blood soaked death.

Never before within the Border Princes had such intensity of precision fire been heard as the Dwarfs fire discipline had them stepping forward and back to reload and then fire again in a constant volley of reciprocal murder.

The surviving greenskins broke and they fled but even that was no escape from the Dwarfs as a Gyrocoptor took to the air and scalded them to death with boiling steam.

The Orcs had come to the land of the Dwarfs but not one of them left alive.

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