Monday, 26 November 2012

The Brotherhood of Spawn!

To my mind, one of the best things about a campaign is letting imagination push past the limits of army lists and rule boundaries.

Having said that, there is a precedent in the Warhammer hardback rulebook for these scary looking units in the campaign section at the end.

The Brotherhood of Spawn!

We're talking a unit of 2-5 Chaos Spawn normally fielded as individual models. Which should really put the beat down on somebody!

To me it's less about that and more about the cool visuals - and being able to use all ten spawn I rashly bought when Apocalypse 40k came out.

I just finished repainting the last eight of these guys in Khorne red and they look cool - especially ranked up... though I fear the back rank will miss out on some attacks if they aren't careful (having 3 attacks as a maximum).

These beauties are the first two units of my new Warriors of Chaos army that will slowly be building up over the next few months (and years).

I'll probably stick them on the flanks and smack in from the sides in a pincer. It'll be interesting to see just how these unbreakable mo fos fare on the battlefield...

Well I suspect.

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