Wednesday, 19 December 2012

On the Painting Table: A Beastmen Lord... with a Difference!

As you may have noticed I tend to get very excited about new projects.

I'm sure you'd agree I am right to get excited about this one.

How cool is this guy!?!?!?!?

This monstrous fiend is the new Special Character Lord for my Beastmen army who will, when the time comes and the story catches up with modern times, get a hefty chunk of storyline in the Tale of Years.

For now I don't have a name for him yet or even much thought on his stats.

I'll be looking at those for the War Mammoth for a starting point but I don't want him to be quite as powerful as that (mainly as I want to maintain my incentive to buy one one day).

Scale-wise here's how he matches up to the Beastmen and Giant I have already. This guy is all about being a centrepiece and he fits that role perfectly.

Painting-wise I started on very dark grey and worked my way up. The tusks were Graveyard Earth | Kommando Khaki | Bleached Bone. I wanted to keep these subdued so scrimped on the lighter colours.

His pose is a tad static for battle but he does look like the regal head of his army, coldly directing his slavering troops before wading into battle himself. Which is how his character will develop.

For those interested, he's the Poacher model from McFarlane toys - still available on eBay. If you get him as well you'll find that the sword is more posable than it looks. Mine snapped at the hilt though which limited me to the down angle.

The only real downside to this model is that weird skull he's holding. I don't like models holding decapitated heads and such. The image created is too much of a snapshot. Surely he doesn't ALWAYS carry his lucky skull into battle.

Or maybe he does.

Perhaps I should write rules for him and his lucky skull!


  1. Again I say.. nice work, and your right.. this was a really good find. I can sense a Jumanji or Outback vibe going with this beastman army though. With all the different animals being included, and not focusing on just the goat theme that GW does. Great work.

    Only thing I would say about it would have been to fix the gap along his trunk there. Not noticeable at far distances, but this will be a centerpiece model, so people will look closely! Am notorious for missing them myself until after I finish too though.


    1. Hmmm. Yeah. I didn't notice that until I saw the picture actually. I'll see if I get round to it.

      I was reading the Beastmen army book and they talk about all the different kinds of animals people could merge with. I'm actually really interested to explore the insect theme they talk about.