Thursday, 3 March 2011

On the Painting Table: Spider Squigs!

As part of my ongoing diabolical plan to have a spider-themed goblin army, allow me to present the Spider Squig Herd!

I bought these beauties off of eBay for quite a lot of money, but what the heck! I love them. In the game they’re going to function exactly as a normal Orc & Goblin Squigs (while looking really cool).
I’ve been working feverishly to get ready for the new Arachnarok Spider from Games Workshop so that my spider army will be ready to go alongside it. And I’m almost ready!
I even made the decision to split my Chittering Horde off from the Orcs on my new yet-to-be-released campaign map as their own army. I love themed armies and this is one of the best I’ve done I think.
Although my Dinosaur Space Marines over on Conflict Valorax probably outpoint them a little.


  1. very nice idea :) perfect for a forest goblin army theme!

    1. They are awesome to look at. It was a chance find on eBay. Really glad I got them - even if they were a bit expensive!