Tuesday, 15 March 2011

On the Painting Table: Spider Catapult and Yet More Spiders!

So I was building my Arachnarok Spider (haven’t quite finished painting it yet) and I went through a bit of a soul search about which build to use. None of the upgrades struck me as being that brilliant but I decided to definitely not use the catapult.
At least on the spider itself…
But who would want to waste a perfectly good catapult! And I didn’t already have a Rock Lobba in my army, so…

I am a huge fan of setting war machines on these dreadnought bases. It always makes them look like a mini-diorama and because you have to cram the miniatures on a little it always looks like a really bustly scene.

Using tooth picks as spikes and to support the catapult (the spider has a very similar structure really), I added the stand with the little forest goblin loader on. Then I stuck on a spare Night Goblin and two very old miniatures I had kicking around, courtesy of my friend Neil.

One of them is an Orc and the other, I guess, an old Night Goblin. I’m really like the way I positioned the goblins so they’re looking up at the loader – though it’s tricky to see on these pictures.

And now my spider army is all but complete. I’m a day or two away from completing my Arachnarok and here below are pictures of my last two mini spider units.
I went for a different angle here (filling out the units by the way with spare spiders from the Arachnarok kit).

I could have gone for another horde of forty but I decided to experiment with more manoeuvrable smaller units. Two units of ten will be able to distract my opponent hopefully and while they waste time killing them, my larger units can be doing what they do best!
I used the large spider from the Arachnarok kit here as a unit champion. Those are bits of shale he’s standing on.

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