Sunday, 6 March 2011

End of Turn Two!

Turn Two is now over.
Not only is this a handy time to take stock before the armies move again but we’re also about to undergo a major overhaul. Nothing will ever be quite the same here on Last Chance War...
Let’s see how the map looks.

1)      Still at the top of their game, the Tempestrians have driven the Vampire Counts and Ogres back, expanding their borders in every direction with more and more troops pouring out of Tempest Falls to consolidate their victories.
2)      The Tomb Kings are in second place but a string of losses from the Chittering Horde of the Spider King now sees their capital under threat, even as they’ve stolen ground elsewhere.
3)      The Wood Elves have lost a little ground but continue their insidious move to undercut the realms of the Orcs, as yet unnoticed by lethally dangerous Warboss Bull Rogue.
4)      Now rivalling the realm of the Wood Elves, unbroken recent victories suggest an emerging super power in the west under the might of Bull Rogue and the poisonous power of the Spider King.
5)      After last turn’s victories, the Ogres have been massacred wholesale, their armies routed and destroyed by almost every comer. Now, perilously undefended, their realm lies open to all for the taking.
6)      The Vampire Counts lost their capital last turn and have failed to retake it. Further, their attempts to capture the Skaven capital of Spikehole led to such a grievous massacre that military power has dropped now to only two armies.
7)      Dwarfs are a resilient people but conservative manoeuvring has cost them dearly. With their realm neither growing or diminishing but with enemies closing in on all sides, how long can they hold out?
8)      At a glance the Skaven seem to be a weak force but victory after victory have gained them great power. Still holding onto two capitals give the loathsome ratmen an unprecedented strength in the campaign. As long as Mike keeps playing them they look to be racking up more wins than losses from now on.
9)      Crippled from the start by entering the campaign late, the Daemons and Empire shouldn’t lament their positions at the bottom too much. Things are about to change. Having said that, a critical blunder on the part of the Empire has given the Tomb Kings Aldium, a town that must be recaptured at all costs!
In total, over the campaign, the army victories look like this:

And player victories:

Again, Joao comes out on top; however the fact he’s still only played once does play certain havoc with the statistics. Mike has an even string of losses and wins and I won’t mention my poor average.
But look at my incredible wife! Now that is one wargaming woman!
Now I promised a change a while ago; a new map. The old map was both unrepresentative of the area we’re playing in and was far too crowded to allow any kind of expansion.
Here’s the new map, created using Campaign Cartographer 3. As you can see we have several new Warhammer armies in play as well as some space round the edges to introduce new forces if necessary.

With the realms marked out it looks like this. This is before Turn 3 movement begins.

The first thing you might notice is that the Empire and Daemons have been given a much fairer stake of land and there are now FOUR Chaos-related forces, including Chaos Dwarfs of all things! I’ve also split the Spider Goblins off into their own realm. It isn’t huge and they’re slightly disadvantaged but hopefully it will pan out well for them.
The identity of the inhabitants of Ebon Scar remain a mystery for now but will be revealed soon... if I decide to go through with it.
So! A new turn and four or five brand new armies! This should be interesting...
Next we’ll be looking at the Strategic Movement of these armies as their bring their neighbours to battle... and continue... the Last Chance War.
Here's the order of movement for the next turn:
  1. Orcs
  2. Tomb Kings
  3. Dwarfs
  4. Vampire Counts
  5. Wood Elves
  6. Warriors of Chaos
  7. Goblins
  8. Chaos Daemons
  9. Chaos Dwarfs
  10. Tempestrians
  11. The Mystery Army
  12. Empire
  13. Skaven
  14. Ogres
  15. Beastmen

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