Thursday, 10 March 2011

Strategic Movement - Turn Three


Seizing the initiative, the Orc forces of Bull Rogue have pushed ever outwards, bringing enemies to battle on almost every front, pushing to expand their realms to avoid being invaded.

Tomb Kings

With such a long and narrow realm and an ally in dire need of aid, the Tomb Kings are in a tricky position. Being too bold could get them in serious trouble, especially with so many Goblins pressing so close to their home of Barak Varr. With only one army close enough to provide aid to the Vampire Counts, the other Tomb King forces are closing on the Skaven, Goblins and Warriors of Chaos. The Skaven need to be eliminated to allow the Vampire Counts to regain their strength but with only two armies close, a siege could lead to disaster. For now the Tomb Kings are holding back.


Splitting their forces, the Dwarfs of Karak Hirn have sent half their throng east to stop the invasion of the Wood Elves and half south to prevent the Orcs from taking too much of their land.

Vampire Counts

With only two armies left and no capital, the Vampire Counts have only one choice: to send all available forces south toward Fortress Malefic, to take it back at any cost. With their borders undefended, there is nothing to prevent their enemies snapping up their land, possibly dealing their resources a crippling blow; but in desperate times...

Wood Elves

Pushing west toward Karak Hirn and east into the realm of the Daemons and north into Ebon Scar, the Wood Elves have tried to cover all bases for fear that they are surrounded on all sides. If things go well, they may expand their realms, but the unnamed enemy they now face could also spell their doom.

Warriors of Chaos

Pushing their armies outwards from the centre, the Warriors of Chaos have positioned themselves ready to expand their realm south and east next turn while cleverly manoeuvring to support the battle against the Tomb Kings. Meanwhile, to the west, they have set out into Orc country, claiming it for themselves!


Locking the Tomb King army in place that had been sent to reinforce Barak Varr, the Goblins have increased their chances of dealing a critical blow to the undead, as well as setting up a future attack on the undead capital. At the same time, in the north, they have invaded the lands of Dunkel Schloss and remained close to their capital to protect it.

Chaos Daemons

Seeing that the Ogre Kingdoms are undefended, and to follow up on their previous victory, the Daemons have sent their forces northward to capture ground while they still can, while in the south, they bring the Tempestrians to battle.

Chaos Dwarfs

The Dwarfs of the World’s Edge Mountains have moved both north into Tempestria to challenge the knights, and south west, to capture empty pastures abandoned by the Vampire Counts.


Conscious of the sudden threatening presence of the forces of Chaos to their right flank, the Tempestrian Knights have sent overwhelming forces southeast to crush the Chaos Dwarfs before they can gain a foothold. Meanwhile in the north and north east, they have manoeuvred holding forces to keep the Ogres and Beastmen busy.

The Mystery Army of Ebon Scar

This, as yet, unrevealed force has sent the greatest concentration of its troops east into the lands of the Ogres but is also snatching land from the Wood Elves. With very limited enemies, perhaps this faction has a more stable position than any other.

The Empire Forces of New Sylvania

The men of New Sylvania has struck south to take back Aldium, lost to the Tomb Kings last turn, and to pursue the missing Runefang, wielded by Countess Rebecca of the Vampiric element of the Undead Nation. At the same time they have once again attacked the Skaven forces trying to move through the forests near Malko and sent their armies north towards the Pernicious Gate and toward the Dread Altar of the Wood Elves.


With only limited options open to them with their inititive falling this late in the Strategic Movement Phase, the Skaven have maneouvred their reinforcements to aid them in the defence of Fortress Malefic and struck out at the Tomb King closing in on Spike Hole. Meanwhile, deep within the nascent realm of New Sylvania, the Skaven war party trying to get home are trapped in the woods by Empire forces and must still fight their way through over fifty miles of enemy territory.


With the bulk of their forces scattered, the Ogres are racing to reach their borders to repel invaders on almost every side, trying to snatch up their unguarded realm.


A new and upstart race within the Border Princes, the Beastmen reach out their brutal fist west into the Kingdom of the Great Maw and south into Tempestria, sending reinforcements to bolster their aggressive armies.

This is how the map stands now. The armies with yellow borders are marked to show they are providing support to nearby battles. That leaves us with all the battles laid out below.
I've also made a note of all the miniatures I need or want to paint before I can play them.
There were 11 battles lines up at the beginning of the last turn and 17 lined up now - because of the increase on map scale and number of realms. I anticipate even more next turn as the armies cover greater distanceds to engage their foes.

Need To Paint First 
Would Like to Paint First 
Tempestrians vs Ogres 

Tempestrians vs Daemons 

5 Horrors & 10 Daemonettes 
Tempestrians vs Beastmen 
8 Gors and 2 Characters 

Tempestrians vs Chaos Dwarfs 
20 Chaos Dwarfs and 2 Characters 
A Bull Centaur Character, a Lord on Great Taurus & 30 more Chaos Dwarfs 
Skaven vs Empire 

Siege with Skaven vs Vampire Counts & Tomb Kings 

Skaven vs Tomb Kings 

3 Ushabti 
Warriors of Chaos vs Tomb Kings 

Orcs vs Tomb Kings 

Goblins vs Tomb Kings 

Arachnarok Spider + Basing 35 Little Spiders 
Goblins vs Tomb Kings 

Orcs vs Dwarfs 

Volley Gun 
Wood Elves vs Orcs 

8 Glade Riders 
Wood Elves vs Dwarfs 

Wood Elves vs Ebon Scar 

Wood Elves vs Daemons 

Ogres vs Beastmen 
8 Gors and 2 Characters 
1 Irongut 

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