Monday, 14 March 2011

Massacre in Slaughter Pass

Tempestrians (Gill) vs Ogres (Tim)
The Northern Pass was a heavily wooded valley thick with foliage to the east of Blackfire Pass, the main route north into the Empire from the Border Princes. And it was soon to be resigmared.
It was here that the Tempestrians had met and slaughtered the Ogres time after time already, the proud knights skewering rough Ogre bodies on the ends of their lances. But the Ogres had not had enough and now they were back for more.

From the wooded lowland hills, the Ogres charged down, accelerating as they approached the garrisoned knights. The knights moved into position, faces stern and ready. For the first time, as soon as the battle opened, the Ogres leapt into the potentially victorious position, a Hunter, skewering three knights with a single shot from his harpoon launcher and another unit devastated by fire from Leadbelchers’ cannons. The Tyrant called triumphantly for the rest of his troops to move in, leading the charge.
And then their fortunes changed.
The fast moving knights crashed into battle, wiping out or routing unit after unit of Ogres, stampeding them into the ground or away. Archers positioned in the centre of the Tempestrian battle line let fly with hundreds of arrows, whittling down their opposition before they could close at all.

Rachel d’Astatic let fly devastatingly powerful spells from her growing repertoire of magic booned to her by the Chaos Vein, incinerating the towering creatures. All along the battle line, the Ogres were being slaughtered again.
The Tyrant ran forward alongside his Battle Standard Bearer but when he looked to his left and to his right he saw that the remains of his army was in shambles, almost all of them destroyed. The bowmen’s arrows couldn’t penetrate his hide and he could take on anything the Tempestrians could throw at him, but he could not win without an army.

Once again the Ogres were defeated!
Once again they fled for the mountains.
And now the Northern Pass would have a new name.
From this day until the earth was no longer stained with stinking Ogre blood, it would be known as Slaughter Pass.

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