Saturday, 5 March 2011

Ancient Enemies in Battle At Last

Under the command of Lord Arodor Naurven, Scourge of Bloodroot Forest, a huge Wood Elf host infiltrated its way along the ridge of the Black Mountains toward Horn Hold.
Their leader, Maglor Telemnar, himself far behind them in the heart of Linwe, knew that the greatest threat to their position in the north of the Border Princes was the Dwarfs, their ancient enemy. If a hammer blow could be applied to Karak Hirn to take the stunted ones out of the equation then their own ability to capture ground would be greatly enhanced.
But the Dwarf ranging parties had detected the Elven approach and a host was sent to meet them, led by none other than Thorgrim Elfdoom himself.
The Dwarfs and Wood Elves had yet to meet in equal battle within this crucible of war. It was only now, after all these centuries of bitterness, that the War of Vengence could truly begin again!
Typically, the Elves excelled at long ranged firepower with their enemies closing slowly into range for close combat but Morgrim turned this on its head with rank after rank of Quarrellers and Thunderers lined up and opening fire as the Dryads advanced forwards. Utilising his fastest unit, he ordered his Gyrocopter to engage on the left flank, flying fast forward, but Warhawks carrying Wood Elves shot in to meet it. The Dwarf in the Gyrocopter rammed the Warhawks and slashed from the cockpit with his axe, jetting out short-range bursts from his steam gun. The Warhawks turned and fled with him but he let them go. There were far more important targets.

On the back of his mighty bear, Thurvar, Morgrim smashed into half of the slinking Dryads, ignoring the very trees moving around him under the enchantment of the Elven Spellsinger. As he did so, the Thunderers let rip, decimating the other Dryads with hard steel shot. Thorgrim and Thurvar ravaged the Dryads but, strengthened by magic, they held their footing when any other soldiers would have fled.

Nevertheless, Thorgrim smashed through their line into the back field, where the archers, Spellsinger and Lord Arodor were waiting, shooting arrow after arrow at the Dwarfs. The archers tried to bring him down but his armour was the foil to all their shots and then the Gyrocopter arrived, scalding the flesh from the Elven warriors’ bones.
Thorgrim took Arodor to battle as the Gyrocopter attacked the Spellsinger in desperate hand to hand. At the other side of the battlefield a gigantic Treeman chewed through the Dwarfen lines but it wasn’t enough. Morgrim dispatched Arodor from the field, fleeing for his life and the entire Wood Elf momentum died.
It wasn’t a massacre - the Wood Elf forces withdrew - but they would be back and they would be back with greater force.
This was only a stay. The war was set to continue.

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