Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Tactica: Allocating Attacks

Allocating attacks is one of those little dilemmas that come up during a game of Warhammer. In my experience, it tends to get forgotten completely, with the default being that attacks are made against the normal member of a target unit.
I don’t pretend to be the world’s leading expert on this subject but I do have some opinions based on what has happened to me so far.
There are two possible goals when allocating attacks
1)      Scoring combat resolution
2)      Taking out a threatening opponent

Generally the choice is between weaker troops and tougher troops. The tougher troops could be one or more characters or a second unit in contact of stronger (and harder to kill) models. The question becomes whether you want to risk trying to kill the tough model(s) or to go for the more reliable attacks on a weaker opponent.
Let’s keep it simple:

  • Always strike at the weaker opponent to get maximum combat resolution (unless you need to take out a combat character for a specific reason)
  • ALWAYS allocate at least one dice to attacking the enemy unit champion. They are just as easy to kill and have extra attacks back
  • Always allocate attacks against enemy wizards. They are almost as easy to kill as rank and file and are far more valuable notches on your belt
  • Consider striking at unarmoured monster mounts instead of riding characters as this can limit the character manoeuvrability, even if they ultimately win the combat – and it can give cheaper combat resolution 

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